Year President Senior Coach A Captain A's Best & Fairest B's Best & Fairest C's Best & Fairest
1932 C D Rowe
D Sayer

1933 C D Rowe
D Sayer J Smith

1934 C D Rowe
D Sayer J Smith


D Sayer



1938 D Sayer D Batt C Adcock J Smith







1945 D Sayer D Sayer C Adcock B Williams

1946 D Sayer D Sayer C Adcock B Williams

1947 D Sayer D Sayer C Adcock F Pearson

1948 D Sayer D Sayer R Wood C Johnston

1949 D Sayer D Sayer R Wood R Wood

1950 D Sayer D Sayer R Wood R Wood

1951 D Sayer R Wood R Wood R Wood

1952 D Sayer R Wood R Wood R Wood

1953 D Sayer R Wood R Wood R Wood

1954 D Sayer R Wood R Wood D Parkinson

1955 D Sayer R Wood R Wood J Lawrie

1956 D Sayer I Holliday R Wood R Wood

1957 D Sayer I Holliday J Crammond J Crammond

1958 D Sayer I Holliday J Crammond P Whimpress

1959 D Sayer J Crammond J Crammond P Whimpress

1960 D Sayer R Wood B Appelbee B Appelbee

1961 D Sayer J Doherty P Grenville B Appelbee

1962 D Sayer D Parkinson D Parkinson D Parkinson I Horrell
1963 D Sayer D Parkinson D Parkinson D Parkinson J Rebbeck
1964 R Johnson I Holliday B Appelbee R Beer F Weston
1965 R Johnson A Beilby P Robins B Crowhurst A Redden
1966 R Johnson R Lloyd R Lloyd A Hambour D Peek
1967 R Johnson R Lloyd R Lloyd R Lloyd G Adcock
1968 R Johnson B Fosdike R Keene S Bryant M Sayer / P Whimpress
1969 P Whimpress B Selth R Keene R Evans P Whimpress
1970 P Whimpress M Keenihan R Keene P Adcock M Sayer
1971 P Whimpress M Keenihan P Adcock P Adcock G Adcock
1972 P Whimpress M Keenihan P Adcock P Adcock G Adcock
1973 C Paltridge P Adcock P Adcock P Adcock B Egan
1974 C Paltridge P Adcock P Adcock M Bamber G Crowhurst
1975 C Paltridge P Adcock P Adcock P Adcock G Crowhurst
1976 C Allert P Blood P Blood M Bamber S Winter
1977 C Allert P Blood P Blood M Bamber S Winter
1978 C Allert C Mehaffey G Wark P Adcock P Ingerson
1979 J Gilgen C Mehaffey G Wark C Mehaffey S Winter A Lawrie
1980 J Gilgen C Mehaffey J Adcock C Mehaffey S Winter W Shephard
1981 P Ingerson C Mehaffey J Adcock C Mehaffey J Barei S Chambers
1982 P Ingerson P Blood J Adcock D Wade M Summerton S Chambers
1983 P Ingerson P Blood J Davies D Wade D Hill W Shephar
1984 P Blood P Blood G Jenkinson D Wade D Hill A Evans
1985 M Thwaites A Burnett D Wade D Wade I Parsons A Evans
1986 S Berry A Burnett D Wade D Wade P Parkinson A Evans
1987 T Knox G Jenkinson G Black P Ey T Parkinson B Bowley
1988 R Horlin-Smith G Jenkinson M Prider G Jenkinson G Prider J Egan
1989 S Nicholas C Mehaffey G Black G Black / I Parsons M Chidley S Williams
1990 S Nicholas C Mehaffey G Black M Arthur T Howe S Peters
1991 A Hurrell C Mehaffey G Black M Tucker N Elsdon M Fotheringham
1992 A Hurrell C Mehaffey G Black A Hookings G Wilckens A Fotheringham
1993 T Knox C Mehaffey G Black C Giles M Lloyd H Russell
1994 P Winter C Mehaffey G Black T Parkin A Fotheringham S Peters
1995 P Winter T Neil C Giles M Rochow S Allert R Page
1996 I Wormald T Neil C Giles / G Black M Arthur T Howe J Egan
1997 I Wormald R Rasheed G Black T Rowley A Fotheringham P Fear
1998 M Fotheringham R Rasheed T Redin M Rochow / T Rowley J Bok A Shepherd
1999 P Ingerson R Rasheed T Redin R Rasheed M Leach W Hughes
2000 P Ingerson R Rasheed S Ion H Bills J Lynas S England / W Field
2001 S Ormsby M Chidley S Harrold N Elsdon A Haig A Fotheringham
2002 D Dall M Chidley S Harrold J Lynas T Catford P Wilson
2003 D Dall T Howe L Skoblyk / J Staritski S Fowles N Thompson S England / S Vickery
2004 D Dall / S Ormsby C Eitzen L Skoblyk / M Harmer L Skoblyk A Haig S McGrath
2005 D Dall J Cunningham L Skoblyk / M Harmer P Booth / C Eitzen K Dry S Cowburn
2006 D Dall J Cunningham C Eitzen / J Pinkney F Pinkney D Miller N Elsdon
2007 M Fotheringham J Cunningham J Pinkney T Duigan S Evans C Giles
2008 M Fotheringham J Cunningham J Pinkney J Panelli O Winter M Prider
2009 A Aberle C Mehaffey J Pinkney S Fritsch N Bentley C Brice
2010 A Aberle C Mehaffey S Fritsch S.Fritsch/C.Canny
J. Van Der Hoek
2011 S.Berry/M.Wightman
J. Pinkney
M. Walsh

O. Ogai

2012 S.Berry/M.Wightman J.Staritski S.Wightman S.Wightman N.McCann M. Dinning
2013 S.Berry/M.Wightman W.James S.Wightman J. Starke
A. Dean M. Griguol
2014 S.Berry/M.Wightman W.James S.Wightman J. Starke/A. Holbrook
A. Dean T. Berry
2015 L.Evans/M.Wightman W.James C. Canny E. Connors
N. Bentley
O. Winter
2016 J. Berry/L.Evans
M. O'Leary
C. Canny
C. Canny/B. Williams
M. Walsh

Pembroke/Kings Old Scholars Team Achievement Board

1938 'A' Grade Grand Finalists
1948 'A' Grade Grand Finalists
1953 'A' Grade Grand Finalists
1962 'A' Grade Grand Finalists
1967 'B' Grade Premiers
1967 'A' Grade Premiers
1974 'A' Grade Premiers
1975 'A' Grade Premiers
1981 'A' Grade Grand Finalists
1986 'C' Grade Premiers
1988 'C' Grade Premiers
1992 'C' Grade Grand Finalists
1996 'C' Grade Premiers
1997 'B' Grade Grand Finalists
1997 'A' Grade Premiers
1998 'A' Grade Premiers
1998 'C' Grade Grand Finalists
2000 'B' Grade Grand Finalists
2004 'A' Grade Grand Finalists
2005 'C' Grade Premiers
2006 'A' Grade Grand Finalists
2014 'C' Grade Premiers
2016 'A' Grade Premiers
2016 'B' Grade Grand Finalists


Coaching Staff

A Grade B Grade C Grade
1974 P Adcock

1975 P Adcock

1976 P Blood

1977 P Blood P Ingerson
1978 C Mehaffey P Ingerson
1979 C Mehaffey P Ingerson
1980 C Mehaffey

1981 C Mehaffey

1982 P Blood

1983 P Blood

1984 P Blood

1985 A Burnett

1986 A Burnett
Stephen Nicholas
1987 G Jenkinson / P Ingerson
A Hurrell
1988 G Jenkinson / P Ingerson Rip Masters / P Ingerson A Hurrell
1989 C Mehaffey P Ingerson H Suggett
1990 C Mehaffey P Ingerson A Hurrell
1991 C Mehaffey
A Hurrell
1992 C Mehaffey
A Hurrell / I Wormald
1993 C Mehaffey A Hurrell / T Howe P Winter
1994 C Mehaffey T Howe D White / J Griggs
1995 T Neil T Howe D White / J Griggs
1996 T Neil T Howe C Bradshaw / G Prider
1997 R Rasheed / C Mehaffey T Howe / C Bradshaw D Dall / J Tregoning
1998 R Rasheed / C Mehaffey C Bradshaw N Redin
1999 R Rasheed / C Mehaffey

2000 R Rasheed / C Mehaffey

2001 M Chidley / P Blows
J Kennett
2002 M Chidley / P Blows M Lloyd J Kennett
2003 T Howe
M Fotheringham / J Kennett
2004 C Eitzen / A Williams M Fotheringham W Field / J Kennett
2005 J Cunningham / G Lauder B Keighran / T Hughes J Calderbank
2006 J Cunningham / G Lauder B Keighran / T Hughes M Prider
2007 J Cunningham / G Lauder N Adcock / B Worrall-Thompson M Prider
2008 J Cunningham / C Mehaffey C Eitzen M Prider
2009 C Mehaffey P Ingerson M Crowhurst
2010 C Mehaffey P Holbrook M Crowhurst
2011 J Staritski/C Mehaffey P Holbrook/J Murphy
T Harding
2012 J Staritski J Murphy C Brice
2013 W. James
C Lambert
N. Smerdo n
2014 W. James C Lambert N. Smerdon
2015 W. James J. Wightman N. Smerdon
2016 M. O'Leary
J. Pinkney N. Smerdon
2017 J. Allan J. Pinkney M. Banitsiotis


Kings and Pembroke Old Scholars Football Club Life Members.
Board Donated by Michael Sayer

D SayerW. James A Hurell
C Adcock P Winter
R Wood P Noblet
T Burdett G Black
J Crammond M Prider
M Williams M Arthur
B Applebee T Howe
P Robins S Ormsby
W Schocroft R Rasheed
P Whimpress M Fotheringham
C Paltridge A Fotheringham
D Mathews T Hughes
G Adcock N Eldson
P Adcock M Lamb
C Allert M Harmer
J Gilgen D Dall
C James A Burford
P Blood M Harding
R Adcock T Harding
B Riglin M Duncan
J Barei M Chidley
C Mehaffey C Giles
S Winter A Aberle
P Ingerson S Berry
M Blunden C Eitzen
D Medlin N Bentley
S Gurner S. Wightman
A Jenkins B. Hill-Ling
S Nicholas M. Wightman

The Dud Sayer Trophy
Named in Recognition of the Outstanding Service Rendered to Kings OC Football Club by D W Sayer Presented by the Players of the Club 1962 as a Perpetual Trophy to be Awarded Annually for Service to the Club

1962 D W Sayer
1963 L H Stock
1964 M C C Sayer
1965 R A Beilby
1966 R J Johnson
1967 R J Johnson
1968 R J Johnson
1969 F R Keene
1970 L D Matthews
1971 C N Paltridge
1972 L D Matthews
1973 P Adcock
1974 C B James
1975 J Barei
1976 P Blood
1977 R Adcock
1978 C E Mehaffey
1979 G B E Wark
1980 C E Mehaffey
1981 C E Mehaffey
1982 P Ingerson / W Shephard
1983 S Gurner
1984 P Blood
1985 M Thwaites
1986 M Brine
1987 M Prider
1988 G Jenkinson / R Horlin-Smith / B Riglin
1989 G Black
1990 S Gurner
1991 A Hurrell
1992 C Hammond / A Hurrell
1993 S Gurner
1994 P Winter
1995 S Gurner
1996 I Wormald
1997 M Fotheringham
1998 M Fotheringham
1999 S Ormsby
2000 S Ormsby
2001 S Ormsby
2002 D Dall
2003 D Dall
2004 D Dall
2005 D Dall
2006 D Dall
2007 M Fotheringham
2008 M Fotheringham
2009 A Aberle
2010 A Aberle
2011 M Wightman
2012 L. Evans
2013 N. Smerdon
2014 J Wightman
2015 J. Berry
2016 L. Evans


Life Members Award
Plaque donated by Chris Mehaffey

1985 Geoff Black
1986 A Jenkins
1987 W Wallace
1988 Andrew Hurrell
1989 M Thomson
1990 Scott Gurner
1991 Craig Hammond
1992 Scott Gurner
1993 Tim Knox/Michael Arthur
1994 Crawford Giles
1995 Terry Howe
1996 Scott Gurner
1997 Chris Mehaffey
1998 N/A
1999 N/A
2000 N/A
2001 David Dall
2002 Luke Jureidini
2003 Will Field
2004 Adam Aberle
2005 T Hughes / B Keighran / G Lauder
2006 Simon Ormsby
2007 Tom Lynas
2008 N/A
2009 Scott Wightman
2010 Jack Wightman
2011 Luke Evans
2012 Jack Wightman
2013 Luke Evans
2014 Charles Canny/ David Kirkwood
2015 Charles Canny
2016 Chelsea Teelow


The Chris Mehaffey Service Award

1995 Michael Arthur
1996 Michael Fotheringham/Michael Arthur
1997 Simon Ormsby
1998 Ben Younger
1999 Phil Ingerson
2000 Phil Ingerson
2001 Luke Jureidini
2002 Toby Hughes
2003 Luke Jureidini
2004 Simon Ormsby
2005 Robert Hodgson
2006 Adam Aberle
2007 Michael Chidley
2008 N/A
2009 N/A
2010 N/A
2011 N/A
2012 David Kirkwood
2013 Jack Wightman
2014 Nick Smerdon
2015 Nick Smerdon
2016 Jack Berry


President's Award

2004 Maxine Harding
2005 Marc Duncan
2006 David Ormsby
2007 Adam Aberle
2008 Maxine Harding
2009 Daniel Bullock/M Fotheringham
2010 Maxine Harding
2011 Luke Evans
2012 Nick Smerdon
2013 David Kirkwood
2014 Stuart Lovie
2016 Morrison Lygo

Les Karutz Club Leading Goal Kicker Trophy

Club Goals A Goals B Goals C Goals
1995 Michael Kalleske
72 Goals Michael Kalleske 72
1996 Michael Kalleske 24 Goals Michael Kalleske 24

1997 Roger Rasheed 103 Goals Roger Rasheed 103

1998 Roger Rasheed 87 Goals Roger Rasheed 87

1999 Roger Rasheed -
Roger Rasheed -

2000 Roger Rasheed -
Roger Rasheed -

2001 Tim Joy -


2002 Nick Bentley -


2003 Sam Hastwell 65 Goals Sam Hastwell 65

2004 Tom Wilson 39 Goals Tom Wilson 37 David Lillecrapp 27 Justin Calderbank 20
2005 Justin Calderbank 82 Goals Tom May 33 Nick Bentley 29 Justin Calderbank 82
2006 Tom May 40 Goals Tom May 40 Oliver Winter 23 Jock Rainsford 17
2007 Sam Worrall-Thomson 45 Goals Heath Nankivell 29 Sam Worrall-Thomson 45

2008 Will Paley 32 Goals Will Paley 32

2009 Will Paley 35 Goals Will Paley 35

2010 Tom Evans 44 Goals Tom Evans 28

2011 Tom Evans 54 Goals Tom Evans 54
Matt Willis
15 Tom Jenkinson
2012 Tom Evans
63 Goals Tom Evans 63 Henry Bills
33 Matt Dinning
2013 Tom Evans 70 Goals Tom Evans 70 Henry Bills 35 Tom Jenkinson & Max Griguol
2014 Tom Evans 86 Goals Tom Evans 86
Henry Bills 27
Tom Wilson
2014 Tom Evans 63 Goals Tom Evans 86
Zach Polyak
Tom Jenkinson 34
2014 Tom Evans 77 Goals Tom Evans 77 Henry Bills 37 Ryan Goldsworthy

Charlie Prider A Grade Best Team Man

1995 Michael Kalleske
2003 Luke Skoblyk
2004 Michael Harmer
2005 Michael Harmer
2006 Chris Eitzen
2007 Angus Berry
2008 Scott Wightman
2009 Anthony Lewis
2010 Scott Wightman
2011 Scott Wightman
2012 Jack Berry
2013 Scott Wightman
2014 Scott Wightman
2015 Henry Nicholson
2016 Henry Nicholson

Coaches Award
Donated by Tony Burnett

1985 M Brine
1986 G Black
1987 M Prider
1988 S Gurner
1989 S Nicholas
1990 A Hookings
1991 M Oxenberry
1992 J Egan
1993 M Fotheringham
1994 M Arthur
1995 C Paltridge
1996 S McBain
2000 Hamish Parsons
2001 Hamish Bills
2004 Ben Vaughan
2005 Jot Lynas
2006 James Pinkney
2009 James Pinkney
2010 Alex Catford
2011 Scott Fischer
2012 Tom Evans
2013 Sam Franklin
2014 N/A
2015 Ben Wood
2016 Ryan Marini


Diana Medlin Best First Year Player Award

2003 Anthony Lewis
2004 Scott Wightman
2005 Fraser Pinkney
2006 Dan Miller
2007 N/A
2008 Alex Catford
2009 Alexander Dean
2010 N/A
2011 Ben Wood
2012 Henry Ball
2013 Sam Harms
2014 Jaiden Pengelly
2015 Liam Duhne
2016 N/A
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